Legally we have free speech, but in reality, it’s anything but free. Our public communication is captive to sin and it cannot free itself, even on the web—which is touted as the most democratic system of communication invented. But by human nature, our communication always bends towards evil.

Sound dramatic?

When anonymous feedback is allowed on heavily visited sites, it doesn’t take long for the racism, bigotry and Hitler references to appear—buried just beneath the main article. More subltly: a church’s commitment to articulate a particular moral belief might end up alienating those most in need of its support. In other words, we invariably fail to communicate perfectly. The multiplication of tools for communicating online doesn’t reduce the risk, it increases the risk that we fail to live up to our name—at a larger scale. Let’s be honest about this…

Our gift, then is editing, moderation, and most importantly: forgiveness!