Microblog Posts

You can follow along and respond on micro.blog. It’s like Twitter but without authoritarians threatening Nuclear War.

I have a fairly long history with meditation but I just got Mindfulness for Mere Mortals by @patrickrhone to read together with my wife.

I love and work alongside older adults everyday, yet I can’t help but think we need a Jubilee election in which no one over 30 can vote.

At the gym there are three muted TVs set to Cable News, SportsCenter, and a contestant show…and they all look remarkably similar at a glance.

Not only that but when you finish making your website you will have gained superpowers: you now have an independent voice, a URL, and a home on the open web.

Robin Rendle

Carpet with the color and smell of spilled coffee as a feature, not a bug?

Yes, Florida has seasons. You just don’t look at the tree leaves to tell them apart.

Parenting is helping children grow from generally being monsters to whatever specific type of monster they become.

I wouldn’t be a true micro.blog user without a blog post on setting up my micro.blog, right?

Getting close to having all my micro.blog basic setup in place!