Pastor: Jesus said 'I am the Bread of Life.'

Parishioner: 'Sheesh. Some people just need to be kneaded.'

Is Facebook evil? Everything bad about Facebook is bad for the same reason — Quartz

Is Facebook evil? Everything bad about Facebook is bad for the same reason — Quartz

Without question, Facebook enables brutal and immoral hatemongers. I can hear Facebook arguing that they cannot possibly take a stand on moral issues without becoming censors and losing objectivity. Facebook cannot make those decisions without messing up a lot of the time. I agree. Its scale is just too massive.

That’s just the thing: Facebook can’t admit it, but it’s possible that the most moral thing is for Facebook not to exist.

In a country that slew indigenous people and was built on slave labor, White Nationalism is always also White Supremacy.

Seven Books I Have Loved

I can’t say ‘favorite’ because these are basically the earliest books I loved, or the latest books I have loved.

  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig
  • A Field Guide to Ecology of Eastern Forests; North America by John C. Kricher and Gordon Morrison
  • How to Be an Adult in Relationships: The Five Keys to Mindful Loving by David Richo
  • Beloved by Toni Morrison
  • Daring Greatly by Brené Brown
  • A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn
  • How the Mind Works by Steven Pinker

My ego is like a Cable News pundit telling me how to think and feel about everything that happens, and meditation is like turning off the TV and seeing life myself.

Since the time my firstborn was very little it’s always been clear he’s going to roll his own bowling ball and all I can ever hope to do is put bumpers in the right gutters.

Oscar Romero, May 11, 1973

Even when they call us mad,
when they call us subversives and communists
and all the epithets they put on us,
we know that we only preach the subversive witness of the Beatitudes,
which have turned everything upside down
to proclaim blessed the poor,
blessed the thirsting for justice,
blessed the suffering.

I’m Not Driving

I love my iPhone’s Do Not Disturb feature which mutes the parade of bells and vibrations that come from it. I use it at night so I’m not woken up to the ding of some robot account which liked one of my Instagram photos from four years ago.

I’ve always wanted to use it for temporary moments throughout my day when I don’t want to be disturbed, but after forgetting to turn it off and missing important messages on several occasions, I stopped trusting it for this purpose. It’s just too easy to miss the little moon icon up there reminding me.

But with iOS 11, Apple introduced a related feature: Do Not Disturb While Driving. It holds back on notifications like its older cousin of a feature, but it also won’t let you interact with the phone while it’s on. You have to press an additional button asserting “I’m Not Driving.” My phone automatically turns this on when I’m in the car, which is annoying in the short term, but better for me overall.

But I’ve actually started to manually turn on the feature – you can put it in Control Center – for those temporary moments of peace. And because of the way the feature is designed, it won’t let me use my phone until I turn it off. This way I can’t forget it’s on so long as I try to use my phone.

Which is too often.

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