No one ever tells the bad guys, “This time you’ve gone exactly the right amount of far.” I mean, maybe with the right feedback…

Pack your own parachute,
Roll your own rig.
If you want to make a Newton,
Bring your own fig.

We have a lot of Fake News;
It’s the worst.
If you want to share an article,

What do you all like seeing in About or Bio sections? I really appreciate knowing pronouns and general location (or time zone) information.

Maybe we should re-examine our trope that kids today are such ‘snowflakes’ that they cry when asked difficult questions in job interviews.

Maybe we should re-examine our trope that kids today are so entitled that they think they can get away with anything and write about it in public places.

No, not everyone is Ernest Hemingway, but imagine for a moment a world where the majority of people had access and encouragement to craft their thoughts into blog posts. I used to scoff at “everyone’s a blogger” but now I hope for it.

Ten Minutes of Peace

If you use an iOS device and you’ve upgraded to iOS 12, do yourself a favor and add this Shortcut, “Ten Minutes of Peace”. You’ll need to download Apple’s Shortcuts app if you haven’t already.

All it does is turn on your Do Not Disturb setting for ten minutes and then turn it back off again. But during that time – no buzzing, dinging, vibrating: bliss.

Add it to Siri and get yourself ten minutes of peace just by asking.

One time I listened to so much Wilco I showed up to all my appointments on Central Time.

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